Graziela Medeiros

May 31, 2009

An Introduction to MultiAgents Systems

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Livros sobre “Agentes inteligentes” disponível on-line. Todos os capítulos estão on-line, inclusive ppts sobre os capítulos. Idioma: Inglês.

Título: An Introduction to MultiAgents Systems: second Editions
Autor: Michael Woold

Descrição: Multiagent systems are a new paradigm for understanding and building distributed systems, where it is assumed that the computational components are autonomous: able to control their own behaviour in the furtherance of their own goals. The first edition of An Introduction to Multiagent Systems was the first contemporary textbook in the area, and became the standard undergraduate reference work for the field. This second edition has been extended with substantial new material on recent developments in the field, and has been revised and updated throughout. It provides a comprehensive, coherent, and readable introduction to the theory and practice of multiagent systems, while presenting a wealth of discussion topics and pointers into more advanced issues for those wanting to dig deeper.


Table of Contents:

Part I Setting the Scene

Chapter 1 Introduction

Part II Intelligent Autonomous Agents

Chapter 2 Intelligent Agents
Chapter 3 Deductive Reasoning Agents
Chapter 4 Practical Reasoning Agents
Chapter 5 Reactive and Hybrid Agents

Part III Communication and Cooperation

Chapter 6 Understanding Each Other
Chapter 7 Communicating
Chapter 8 Working Together
Chapter 9 Methodologies
Chapter 10 Applications

Part IV Multiagent Decision Making
Chapter 11 Multiagent Interactions
Chapter 12 Making Group Decisions
Chapter 13 Forming Coalitions
Chapter 14 Allocating Scarce Resources
Chapter 15 Bargaining
Chapter 16 Arguing
Chapter 17 Logical Foundations


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